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Clothing products and options are coming to pioneer and adapt fashion trends to Barine's strong style. Barine Giyim collection, which started as a tiny collection, was loved and liked very much. Collecting this feedback, our designers blended global trends with Barine weavings and created a legendary collection. In the clothing category, inspired by the traces of the soil and prepared with pieces in earth tones, you will find women's clothing, men's clothing and children's clothing as well as trendy bags and accessories.

100% Cotton and linen, which we soften with the delicate texture of cotton, are the materials used in this collection. You can use Barine products that support sustainable fashion effortlessly and timelessly. It provides seasonal comfort thanks to its breathing fabrics. You can view all models on

Adenium Kaftan is a women's summer wear product with 65% Linen and 35% Cotton content, bringing the best interpretation of summer color white. With its S, M, L, XL size options, this product will be indispensable for summer cabinets...
₺ 275.00
Alba Skirt Beige is one of the newest women's casual wear collection. This product, produced from Barine's popular Cocoon weave, is available in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes. It can be used in combination with cowboy boots due to its style. It is 100% cotton, pocket details are available...
₺ 299.00
Alba Skirt Brown is one of the newest daily women's clothing products of the new season with its color and texture coming from the soil. The product, enriched with pocket details, is produced from 100% cotton in 5 different color options. Available in size XS, S, M, L, XL...
₺ 299.00
Alba Skirt Khaki is made from 100% cotton Cocoon fabric developed by Barine. In women's casual wear products with sizes XS, S, M, L, XL...
₺ 299.00
Cocoon Adult Pants Beige is a product named after the cotton cocoon and it gives you this feeling to the fullest. Softness of 100% cotton fabric caresses your skin. We claim, you will not want to take off the most comfortable product of women's home wear all season long. With sizes S, M, L, XL...
₺ 195.00
Cocoon Adult Poncho - Beige
New Bestseller
Cocoon Adult Poncho Beige is made of %100 Cotton. A stylish beachwear piece...
₺ 190.00
Cocoon Kids Dress Sage is included in the new season children's clothing collection with its sweet color. Thanks to its 100% cotton soft texture, little ladies will feel very comfortable in this product. With a wide range of sizes...
₺ 130.00
Cocoon Kids Dress White, made of 100% cotton. This product, which is in the children's clothing category, has a wide selection of sizes. Its delicate texture is friendly to the sensitive skin of the little ones. There is a wooden button detail on the back...
₺ 130.00
Cocoon Kids Shirt Brick, with its color that is also a trend in children's wear in the new season. The little ones love the 100% cotton weaving of the product. Endless freedom for the little ones with its airy texture! The product is available in a wide range of sizes...
₺ 130.00
Cocoon Kids Shirt Canyon is one of the newest children's clothing products added to the new season. 100% cotton weaving and crepe effect gives the product a unique appearance. Moreover, this extremely comfortable product provides freedom of movement for the little ones. The front of the product is c..
₺ 130.00
Cocoon Kids Shirt Curry is an extremely comfortable product that will add style to Barine little ones. It is one of the favorite items of the children's clothing collection with its wooden button details and 100% cotton weaving. The product bearing the thelittlebarine signature can be used in season..
₺ 130.00
Cocoon Kids Shirt White is one of the Best Sellers in the kids clothing category. Its soft texture made of 100% cotton is so comfortable that the little ones will feel very comfortable. The product, enriched with wooden button details, has a wide range of sizes. Special for Barine little ones with t..
₺ 130.00
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