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Sleep and bath products that will increase the sleep comfort of the little ones and delicate fabrics that will facilitate the after-bath ritual are in the Barine Kids category with the thelittlebarine brand.

Products prepared with 100% cotton and completely natural ingredients are on with cute designs that will make the joy times of the little ones even more enjoyable.

Cocoon Kids Robe Indigo is a Barine children's design that comes with four different size options and soft texture. This product, bearing the thelittlebarine signature, is made of 100% cotton. It is hooded and belted, it can be used safely. Explore in the category of Sleep&Bath...
Cocoon Kids Robe Canyon-Sand Dollar is a Barine Kids product that will increase the enjoyment of the little ones after bathing. The bathrobe you can find in the Sleep&Bath category is made of 100% cotton. The product with hood and belt details has different size options. It can be used safely an..
Cocoon Kids Robe White is a uniquely soft product made of 100% cotton. This product with extremely high water absorption has different size options. This product, which you can safely choose for the after-bath care of the little ones, is in the Sleep&Bath category. Hood and belt details are avai..
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