Nature is a unique source of inspiration for Barine. Every product we design has a counterpart in miraculous nature. Sometimes a forest gives us this inspiration, sometimes the sound of nature and sometimes the blowing of a sweet wind. The destruction of nature, which is our greatest source of inspiration, bothers us and gives us the power to act.

Of course, Barine also consumes while producing, like every organism. However, one of Barine's greatest efforts is to significantly reduce the traces it leaves, even if it cannot completely eliminate the damage it causes to nature. It strives for this with everyone in its body and wants to use resources respectfully while presenting its own pleasure.

We strive to minimize our wastes at all stages of our production, we either recycle or recycle the wastes generated. We go to simplify our product packaging and use simple and environmentally friendly designs with materials that respect nature. In the areas inside the company building, we prefer more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials instead of disposable plastic and cardboard products.

At Barine, we donate saplings for each of our employees on their birthdays. We know that those saplings will cling to the earth somewhere in the world, there will be a dark shadow and a strong hope for the future. Because we know that nature is our home and we have only one planet to claim. The responsibilities we take today will save not only the future of our children, but the entire planet.

As a Barine employee, we expect you to protect nature as you protect your home. Make Respect for Nature a philosophy of life and take this philosophy wherever you can touch. Barine embraced the mission to explain this philosophy. We are confident that we can fulfill this responsibility properly and protect our future with the contributions of each of you.



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