1- Preparation Time: The preparation time for your orders is 1-3 working days. Shipments cannot be made on public holidays. Time may be extended depending on stock availability.

 2- Delivery to Cargo: After the preparation period, your order is given to the cargo to be delivered to you.

 3- Cargo Tracking Number: The cargo tracking number of your product or products whose preparation phase has been completed will be sent to your e-mail address that you provided while registering.

 4- Information on Delayed Delivery:

* The distance from the address where the product will be delivered across World and the frequency of the cargo company's visit to the region may affect the delivery day, and the order delivery may be delayed.

* Adverse weather and transportation conditions in the region where the order will be delivered may delay the delivery of the product.

* There is always a certain intensity in cargo delivery during the time periods that coincide with New Year's, holidays and special days. For orders that coincide with these special days, delivery may be delayed.

 5- Weekends and Public Holidays: Orders placed on Sundays and public holidays will be processed on the next business day.

 6- Employed Cargo Company: Barine works with DHL cargo.

 7- Shipping Fee: Shipping is free for your purchases over €250 / $250. For orders below €250 / $250, you have to pay a shipping fee of €19.90/$19.90.

8- Notification: When your order is shipped, a notification e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provided while registering. By clicking the relevant link in the mail or "Where is my cargo" in Barine

You can track your order by clicking the link.

 9- Order Delivery: Only you can receive your order. However, if there is someone else at the address who will receive your delivery, be sure to specify this information when creating the order. you did not specify

Otherwise, your order will not be delivered to anyone else.

 10- Change of Address: You should not change the delivery address after creating an order. Cargo orders are returned to Barine due to the wrong address and a new address

If you do not specify, your fee will be refunded. For any change in your order address, you can contact us at +90 544 800 13 35.

 11- If the Order Is Not Received: Your orders will be delivered to the address you have specified. If you are not present at your address or if you have not determined the person to receive your order other than you, the DHL Cargo officer will leave a note stating that you can pick up your package from the nearest DHL Cargo branch. You receive the package from the specified DHL Cargo branch within two days at the latest.


12- What Should I Pay Attention To While Receiving The Product? You should definitely check if there is a problem. We also recommend that you make sure that the products in your package are the same as those reflected in the invoice. The cargo officer will assist you in case of any problems with the cargo package or its contents. In such a case, you should not take delivery of the cargo and keep a report to the cargo authority. The report will facilitate your transactions in product exchange or refund.

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