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Women Home Wear Collection

Home wear collection for those who are fond of comfort. If you are looking forward to wearing clothes that you feel very comfortable and soft as soon as you come home, this collection is for you! Designed entirely using cotton and linen, the collection consists of comfortable fit pieces.
Enjoy and comfort at home with your Flannel suit or Lino pajamas that you will wear as soon as you come home.

You can view XS, S, M, L and XL size options as well as pajama, trousers and shirt, dress models on

Cocoon Adult Pants Beige is a product named after the cotton cocoon and it gives you this feeling to the fullest. Softness of 100% cotton fabric caresses your skin. We claim, you will not want to take off the most comfortable product of women's home wear all season long. With sizes S, M, L, XL...
₺ 195.00
Cocoon Robe - Beige
Cocoon Robe Beige, made of 100% cotton, is a product that will warm you up with its sand beige color. When you hang it, it creates a stylish posture in your bathrooms. It has 3 different size options with its 100% cotton crepe-effect texture. Discover XS, S/M, L/XL size options right now...
₺ 320.00
Cocoon Robe Canyon is specially produced for the new season from Barine's popular cocoon weave. Coming with its vivid color, 100% cotton fabric in season trends, this product is available in S/M and L/XL size options. This product, which you can use after bathing, can also be used as a kimono...
₺ 320.00
Cocoon Robe - Dark Grey
Out Of Stock
Cocoon Robe Dark Grey, unisex color, 100% cotton texture and size options of XS, S/M, L/XL, is one of Barine's latest bathroom collection products. It can be used for drying after bathing or as a kimono. You will love this product with its soft texture...
₺ 320.00
Flannel Shirt Dress is a soft product that will make you forget all the cotton fabrics you know. Softness coming from 100% cotton has turned into comfort and convenience from head to toe in this product. It is enriched with wooden button details and has a grey melange color. S, M, L, XL size options..
₺ 220.00
Lino Pants Indigo is a women's home wear product that is comfortable to fit, looks stylish and easy to use. The product has S, M, L, XL size options. 65% Linen, 35% Cotton blend. You can use it easily because the waist is elastic...
₺ 195.00
Lino Pants Spicy Orange is one of the women's home wear designs that will be a hit in the new season with its spice color. The product is a mixture of 65% Linen and 35% Cotton. Since the waist is elastic, you feel extremely comfortable inside. You can use it both for home wear and during sleep by co..
₺ 195.00
Lino PJ Indigo is one of the prominent pieces of the new season's women's home wear. Comfortable, soft and extremely comfortable, this product is completed with button details in wood look. 65% Linen, 35% Cotton blend content gives the product a unique softness. With sizes S, M, L, XL...
₺ 220.00
Lino PJ Spicy Orange is a women's home wear product that brings you endless comfort and convenience. Available in S, M, L, XL size options, the fabric of the product is 65% Linen and 35% Cotton. Softening the linen with cotton has added extra softness to the product and does not cause any discomfort..
₺ 220.00
Lino Shirt Dress Spicy Orange is the common part of Barine women's wear and women's home wear collections. This product, which you can consider as a comfortable home wear or stylish street style piece, comes with orange, one of the color trends of the season. The product content is 65% Linen and 35%..
₺ 260.00
Muslin Robe Ginger Snap is in thebarine with its softness coming from the naturalness of 100% cotton and an earth color parallel to season trends. Thanks to its soft texture, you can easily use this product, which you will forget you are wearing, whether after bathing or in home wear. Choose your ow..
₺ 270.00
Muslin Robe Indian Tan comes with the season's hit earth color. The product is a candidate to be one of the most popular of the new season with its 65% Linen and 35% Cotton blend! If you want the product, bathrobes after a pleasant bath; If you want, you can evaluate it as a daily comfortable piece ..
₺ 270.00
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