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Home accessories, selection is the last but most important stage of decoration. You should add stylish nuances to your home by choosing the pieces that best suit the decoration style that prevails in the environment. Add a piece of your own soul to your living space with throws that will color your seats and can also be used as TV blankets, cushions that will make a difference with their comfort and style, and decoration products made of natural materials.

All the home accessories that are used with thoughtfulness will save the space from being boring and make it a place you enjoy living in. Those who have difficulty in making a choice can follow Barine's trend notes and check out the decoration suggestions on the Barine Blog.

Basket Cushion comes with 45x45cm size, 100% cotton fabric and inner cushion. One of the most popular parts of the Carbon&Ecru theme, the cover of this product can be removed and washed thanks to the zipper detail...
₺ 125.00
Boa Throw is one of the favorites of the Carbon&Ecru theme. It is a timeless piece that can be used with pleasure throughout the year with its elegant and delicate structure and soft stance. This product with a size of 130x170cm is 100% cotton. Discover this product, which is a stylish complemen..
₺ 195.00
Buhur Cushion Beige/Black has been reinterpreted by adding black tassel details to the much-loved buhur texture. It is 100% cotton, 45x45cm in size. It is with inner pillow. There is a zipper detail on the product...
₺ 125.00
Buhur Cushion Ecru/Black is a timeless product that you can enjoy in more than one theme. This stylish and modern looking product, 45x45cm in size, made of 100% cotton, has a zipper and can be easily washed. The product comes with an inner cushion. Its ethnic look is complemented by black tassel det..
₺ 125.00
Buhur Throw - Beige/Black
Buhur Throw Beige/Black is one of the most popular Barine products with its color and texture. According to Barine's sustainable fashion philosophy, a product should be able to find a place not only in a single theme, but in different combinations in multiple themes and decoration styles. And Barine..
₺ 220.00
Cable Cushion Beige is one of the complementary products of cable series. Produced with a mixture of 50% Lambswool, 25% Viscose, 25% PA, the size of this product is 35x50cm. Creates a modern fit and cozy look with Cable Throw...
₺ 190.00
Cable Cushion Grey is one of the warm products of the Warm theme. With Cable Throw Grey, they will be your favorite duo on cold winter days! The product is 35x50cm in size and is 50% Lambswool, 25% Viscose, 25% PA...
₺ 190.00
Cable Cushion Light Grey is 35x50cm in size and its content is 50% Lambswool, 25% Viscose, 25% PA. You can combine it with other products of the Cable series and use it as a stylish home gift or use it with pleasure in winter decoration...
₺ 190.00
Cable Cushion Mink is a soft and warm product by itself, it becomes a practical and useful set when it is completed with other parts of the series. You are ready for a warm pleasure with this set, which will be your favorite in cold days. It is 35x50cm in size and is 50% Lambswool, 25% Visco..
₺ 190.00
Cable Cushion Red is a product that you can use in New Year decoration with pleasure and comfort. This product, which will keep your guests warm while providing their comfort, is very suitable for New Year's Eve with its vibrant red color. The product content is 50% Lambswool, 25% Viscose, 25% PA; p..
₺ 190.00
Cable Eyeband Beige, get ready for warm sleep and pleasant dreams. It does not cause any discomfort during sleep. The product content in the standard eyeband size is 50% Lambswool, 25% Viscose, 25% PA...
₺ 75.00
Cable Eye Band Grey, with its 50% Lambswool, 25% Viscose, 25% PA mixed content, comes with the promise of a deep, warm and comfortable sleep. You can get a perfect harmony with the same color cable throw...
₺ 75.00
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