Barine has been exploring with the excitement of the first day for 14 years. He lives the privilege of being born, enjoying every moment of his life.
Barine, who loves to be on the move, travel and explore since the day he was born, has made long journeys to get to know the world and discover the spirit of the planet he belongs to. He saw different cultures, unique textures, and color harmony of this world on the spot. He discovered worldly tastes, sounds and smells. He got to know and admired his true home, nature. He produced all his designs as a tribute to nature, inspired by nature. Preserving the weaving craft, which is his ancestral heritage, carefully, Barine interpreted this heritage with what he collected from the world.
Having experienced a transformation in its soul, Barine adapted this transformation to all business processes. In 2019, it started a transformation inside with the Transformation theme and transformed all processes. It turned this transformation into change. In 2020, he carefully weaved these innovations into the brand. He observed these changes and declared 2021 as the Year of Improvement to implement the feedback. We accepted 2022 as the Year of Productivity.
Having completed its 10-year goals, Barine is preparing for the next 10-year process; It also offers its users this worldview, trend-setting power, weaving mastery, and environmentally friendly designs. Barine offers a serene lifestyle in order to convey the same serene life philosophy and values ​​to its users and to make them experience the same feelings. Barine tells the whole story of the new season with textures, colors and compositions in order to preserve the serenity and wisdom of the soul, to create spaces that will minimize the stresses of daily life, and to decorate the houses where you will find peace with you.
We call out to everyone with whom we share the planet, to erase all the traces we leave in nature and to live in harmony with nature; Erase Traces!
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