A Return Story

A Return Story

“Summer is a long sleep, life starts with fall again”


“Another fall, another turned page.”

We returned to the city for brand new urban adventures leaving behind memories of summer. Each fall is the homecoming season that follows summer adventures. It implies going back to work for adults and back to school for the young ones… Going back to life after a long summer holiday also prepares us for brand new novelties brought about by the new season.

After the sweet crowds, merry laughs, and the breezy memories of summer days, the soul seeks a genuine kind of serenity during the calmest times of the year, in the months of fall. The quest for serenity and peace that comes at a time before the summer is over and winter looms in, along with the desire for simplification having been purified of the extreme, the hectic, the crowded, and everything that is left behind have inspired us.

We have prepared ourselves for naturalness, natural scents, and natural fabrics by setting the groundwork for a long season aspiring to meet the need for return to the SELF in nature, living in nature, and a genuine therapy in nature. This is how Barine’s new collection.

It is possible to see and feel the simplification brought along by the need to return to earth, becoming one with the earth, and the desire to redeem everything taken from nature, alongside with the desire to consume less and long-lasting items.

The natural standing of natural fabrics and the meeting of colors with nature will make you feel a genuine sensation of relaxation and happiness. Meet Barine’s Terra theme and open your heart to the magnificent beauties of nature!

Labels: autumn fall, homewear
September 29, 2022
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