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Terms And Conditions

Welcome to our website. As Barine Home, Barine Beach, Ozyka, and thelittlebarine, we are pleased to serve you.


Please spend a few minutes to read the Terms and Conditions.


Terms and Conditions will guide you before you start using our website and mobile application.




Barine has the right to change /update Terms and Conditions with or without informing you. The latest date of conditions update is clearly stated at the end of the text. You will be considered to have accepted all the articles included in the Terms and Conditions by continuing using our website or mobile application. Therefore, we suggest that you pay careful attention to reading all the articles before continuing on to our website or mobile application.




We are open to your comments on our website or mobile application and welcome each comment. We, however, would like to inform you that the right of use of all kinds of feedback, idea, comment, suggestion, or criticism that you shared with us will be transferred to Barine Corp. Barine has the right to use, store, or distribute all content that you share with us.




Barine always aims at enabling its customers with a practical, dependable, and satisfactory experience. We prevent all kinds of conduct that might hurt us or our customers to this end. We would like to kindly ask you to pay attention to the following rules while using our website or mobile application:

To abide by the laws and regulations


To be respectful of other individuals’ intellectual property, privacy, legal and individual rights


Başkalarının fikri mülkiyetlerine, mahremiyetlerine, yasal ve bireysel haklarına saygılı davranmak


Not to share damaging, illegal, disreputable, pornographic, dark, condemnatory, hate speech content, or damaging material hurtful to other users in other ways


Zararlı, yasadışı, itibarı zedeleyici, pornografik, karanlık, kınayıcı, ırkçı, nefret söylemi içeren veya başka bir şekilde başka kullanıcılara zarar verecek içerikler paylaşmamak


Not to share material like unauthorized or spam commercials


Yetkisiz veya spam gibi istenmeyen reklamlar paylaşmamak


Not to send software aiming at disrupting, damaging, and destroying computer systems; not to send software distributed in order to conduct espionage and collection of information


Amaçları bilgisayar sistemlerini bozmak, zarar vermek ve tahribat oluşturmak olan yazılımları; casusluk ve bilgi toplamak amacıyla dağıtılan yazılımları göndermemek


Not to harass other users and not to disturb individuals


Başka kullanıcıları taciz etmemek ve bireylere rahatsızlık vermemek


Not to impersonate another individual and not to use fake accounts


Farklı bir kişiyi taklit etmemek ve sahte hesaplar kullanmamak




All rights of this website and mobile application are reserved by Barine Corp. The unauthorized use of material is prohibited and subject to legal action.




All trademarks, logos, visual material, designs, and products are the property of Barine Corp. and their owners. The unauthorized use of content is illegal and subject to legal action.
You can contact us if you think that your intellectual property is used without your authorization.




When our website offers links to other websites, you leave the Barine website. Barine cannot control these sites and pages and cannot warn you about the service and resource.




Barine Corp. serves you with the best effort to present you its website and mobile application and does not take any responsibility about the costs, losses, and expenses brought about by the errors, shortcomings, unsuccessful content, or delays seen on the website and/or the mobile application. Barine Corp. checks each product sent to its customers and ships it by cargo to be delivered safely to its customers. The corporation does not take any responsibility for damages arising from the negligence of shipping companies.




Although exceptional, sometimes there may be inaccurate information or misspellings on the Barine website, mobile application, or in the catalog about product description, technical properties, usage information, and prices. Barine Corp. reserves the right to revise and correct these inaccuracies without informing you or after you complete your order. You can contact us if you wish to change your mind about your purchase following the update of all such information. You do not need to do anything else if you wish to continue with your purchase.




You can find all the pricing information on all the products on our website or mobile application. You may see different prices for different countries. You may view the prices by selecting the country you reside and you may also select the currency you prefer to buy your product. Our prices are offered daily to our customers.




You are considered to have indemnified Barine Corp. and all its sub-brands with regards to all requests, expenses, processes, losses, damages, and costs to the full extent permitted by law. Negligence of one of these terms and conditions means that a law was neglected and a third-party’s rights were violated.

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