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Privacy Policy

Privacy is not only the most significant value that Barine offers to its customers but it also is the fundamental part of its communications with its clients. Therefore, our privacy policy is available for all our clients.


Collection of Information


When you want to purchase a product on Barine’s website, we request some basic information from you in order to be able to offer you our best services. (phone number, address, e-mail, age, gender, etc.) All this collected information is stored and protected. We inform you about our new products, services, and all other revisions on the condition that you permit us to do so.


Use of Information


Each piece of information collected by Barine is used to offer you the best service and the most perfect customer experience, to inform you about new products and offers, or to collect statistical data.


Storage of Information


The most important issue for Barine is to protect your personal information. Your personal information such as your credit card number and its date of expiry are encrypted by Secure Socket Layer technology, also known as SSL. Your information is stored in a way that none of our employees or third-party collaborators can have access to it.

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