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Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

One of the most significant values of Barine is respect for nature. All its employees aim at making this principle a behavioral pattern as well. Therefore, specific attention is paid to set new standards in its manufacturing facilities. Barine labors to return all that it obtained from the environment expressing its gratitude towards nature. Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are listed among its business plans and its Corporate Communications Department continuously works on these issues researching the ways in which these problems can be solved. Thus, developing projects raising awareness about environmental consciousness has become one of its fundamental goals.


The sub-collection, Respect for Nature, which was created within the AW1819 catalogue, the recycled pestemal made up of completely recycled raw material is only a tiny part of Barine’s efforts to further develop environmental ethics. Detailed technical studies are regularly conducted on recycle production, which we think is just as important as organic production or even more important than that, and its sustainability.


Barine aims at reducing energy consumption to minimum while increasing recycling to maximum. It pulls out all the stops in order to keep the world a genuinely livable place by constantly updating its know-how on the ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

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