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Production facilities

Production in Denizli

Barine is located in Denizli, a city in Turkey whose history of textiles goes way back in history. Textiles production was a very significant means of income in Laodicea which was one of the most important and well-known cities in Anatolia circa BCE 1. A breed of sheep famous for the softness of its jet-black wool was raised in Laodicea and this wool was used as the raw material for textiles production, namely for a very special type of fabric known as ‘Laodicean.’ The city was also referred to as ‘Trimitaria’ for a time because of the tunics known as ‘trimita’ manufactured in Laodicea. The first known export of Denizli in history was clothing. An ancient weaving loom relief excavated in Laodicea stands great witness to the history of textiles in the city.


Textiles production which started specifically with wool and silk in antiquity transformed into cotton products in time. There was no better place than the Meandros basin, which flowed through a significant portion of Denizli that met the need for good cotton to grow with its quality soil and ample reservoir of water. The Meandros basin still proves to be one of the most important and best quality cotton production areas in the country as it was in antiquity. Textiles production in Denizli has been going on non-stop for a long time and this history rendered a unique experience possible which has been developing on end for years having been handed down from the elders of the families to new generations. Not only small family businesses that are engaged in traditional production protecting this ancient legacy but also merchants, who took a step further and transferred this legacy into more industrial ventures that can produce enough quantity for the demand of the world, still work hard to meet the textiles needs of the whole world. Barine offers both special products still manufactured in its traditional manufacturing facility and other products from its industrial facility in its collection in order to achieve the performance its customers need to obtain from its products. During this process it not only uses cotton weaving, which is more popular today, but also manufactures wool, silk, and linen products having been inspired by the rich textiles history of Denizli and its environs.

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