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Our Story

‘The story of Barine begins with the legacy of an old and well-established family. Upon these traditional roots were established the simple and modest, familiar but unclassical, ethnic but modern design pursuits of Barine’s founders initiating Barine’s story.”

Ozan & Şeyma

Barine is Şeyma’s maternal grandmother’s name. Barine was a woman who harbored the eternal dance of opposites in her. Simple as well as chic, time-honored but modern… Just like Barine. Şeyma and Ozan brought together all these values which did not co-exist before and this gentle, fashionable, and independent brand -just like Barine- was born.

Barine started operating with a mini-collection with all its products handled one by one with utmost care and devotion. While this collection was created Ozan and Şeyma found themselves unexpectedly re-interpreting the pestemal and putting it on the market. This liberated home decoration line of Barine resounded in many different categories and its innovative interpretation of beachwear brought about Barine Beach, the colors it incorporated with a monochrome layout created Ozyka, while its baby-friendly designs that are also quite practical for moms gave way to thelittlebarine. Each Barine collection comes to light as fresh as ever with the excitement of the first day paying specific attention to each item separately.


While Şeyma spent all her childhood sewing dresses for her dolls, Ozan as a kid was raised witnessing almost all the steps involved in textiles production. This childhood love for textiles inevitably directed them to receive higher education in textiles. Fortune brought them together and they decided to create their own brand after working together at the same company for years.


‘Barine, for us, is like a living, breathing being who never leaves us, someone like the fourth person living with us at the same house. She travels with us; grows up, changes, gets better with us. She is always updated as she spends each moment with us. Maybe this is the reason why we are so liked by many different people from many different places on earth. We meet with our customers at world-famous decoration trade shows each year and the thing that they are most interested in knowing during the whole year is what we have changed and what kind of innovations we have brought in.’

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