Autumnal Moods

While we were talking about how the weather was a little bit hot, a little bit chilly, off-and-on rainy, we didn’t see October coming. It’s already mid-October and the mood at homes is thoroughly autumnal. We now present you with tips that will transform your home into an autumnal mood, comments by trend-setters, color tones of this season, and much more for you.

Nature, the natural, and everything related to nature go on inspiring the trends of this season as it has been doing so for a long time now. It goes without saying that all kinds of tech devices which make our lives much easier also bring about some sort of mental exhaustion. Trend-setters, therefore, wanted to create spaces where you can let your hair down by staying away from technology in your homes once in a while in order to dispose of this general mood of exhaustion and pressure and they resorted to easing people’s way into where they actually belonged –to nature.

Barine calls this desire to return to nature “Rebound” in its new collection and re-interpreted autumn decoration with the trending colors of the season.

How about the trends that we will see often this season?

Describe Yourselves in Slogans!

You would definitely have something to say about life, about people! It is now high time that you do it with your home. Don’t be afraid of using slogans freely! Let your accessories get the message across about whatever you want to say, to tell others. Accessories, throw pillows, letter shaped knick-knacks, and lightings each with different messages… All will be mobilized to tell others about you this season.

A Simple, yet Elegant Stand

This season the panache of all the material at your home that meets your needs will be based on simplicity. You may want to put all spaces, on which you can underline the panache of simplicity and plainness, to good use.

The Star of Your Home: Natural Accessories

The most striking feature of this natural look will no doubt be accessories. This general natural mood will be dominated by material made up of natural material like raw or almost raw glass, wood and straw which will shine like the stars of your home. Moreover, ordinary house accessories will be accompanied by really and thoroughly natural booster accessories. Naked branches; little, cute, and colorful pumpkins, pine cones in autumnal colors… All depends on your imagination.

Also don’t forget to get help from chic candlesticks and aromatic candles to keep the energy of your home always fresh!

The Coziness of Knitting Works

There is no doubt that DIY projects are going through a golden age and be sure that they will keep on doing so. Everything that comes to the end of its shelf life has to renew itself. One of the warmest images that this trend brings is knitting works. Knitted blankets, throw pillow covers will warm both you and your home this season.

Renewal in the Bedroom

The bedroom is, of course, the most special spot at a home concerning decoration as well. The features of your bedroom directly affect you regarding quality sleep and quality time. Each accessory that you will use, from duvet covers to bed spreads, ascertain the way in which you will end your day and the mood you will begin a fresh one. The bedroom can be a perfect space to try out the newest colors that the trends bring in.

Changing Tones of Color

When autumn is mentioned the first colors that pop up in mind –browns, reds, and dark oranges— change their faces a bit this season. Dusty rose, mustard yellow, different tones of powder, dark reds, bright tones of brown, and leafy tones of green will often overtake the season. Utilizing these colors as boosters can be more inviting for those who have cold feet in using such ostentatious colors together. Indigo blues and greys lend a helping hand to you at this very point. They welcome new colors in both possessive and softening hugs.