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Barine Beach Collection and Designs

Barine Beach, collections' common motto, "it is always summer somewhere" guides all collections. We interpret the trends of the summer season and transfer these comments to the beach collection with tiny Barine touches. With this collection that we will enjoy using, you can catch the trends of the summer season, increase your comfort with environmentally friendly designs and add unique stories to the summer season.

You will read completely different stories with different themes and travel to different places in the summer collection consisting of pestemal, beach towels, beach dresses and beach accessories. You can view beach products produced using only cotton and linen under the Barine Beach brand on

Abyss Peştemal Lacivert, üzerinde marin temasının en güzel renklerini lacivert, mavi ve kırmızıları taşıyor. 90x160cm'lik bu ürün %100 pamuktan üretilmiştir.. Hafif ve ipeksi dokusu ile çok amaşlı olarak kullanılabilen bir plaj aksesuarıdır. Ebat 90x160cm'dir...
₺ 85.00
Abyss Pestemal Navy bears the most beautiful colors of the marine theme, navy, blue and red. This 90x160cm product is made of 100% cotton. It is a multi-purpose beach accessory with its light and silky texture. The size is 90x160cm...
₺ 85.00
Anchor Pestemal Beige is the favorite summer accessory of those who anchor in summer. The anchor patterns on beige color are still one of the favorites of Barine beach collection. Thanks to its useful size of 100x180cm, you can use the product after enjoying the sea or while sunbathing. 100% cotton ..
₺ 110.00
Burumcuk Pestemal Cappucino was produced with the traditional black loom weaving method. The product's extra softness and air permeability comes from this weaving method. Produced in a size of 85x165cm, this product makes a pleasant SPA day much more comfortable...
₺ 175.00
Burumcuk Pestemal Coffee is a Barine product produced with traditional methods. This 85x165cm product is 100% cotton. It got its name from the crepe effect it has. It is suitable for both beach and bath pestemal...
₺ 175.00
Burumcuk Pestemal - Grey Burumcuk Pestemal - Grey
Burumcuk Pestemal Grey is produced with traditional methods that Barine tried to keep alive. 100% cotton fabric is highly water absorbent. Thanks to its size of 85x165cm, you can enjoy it in any area you want...
₺ 175.00
Burumcuk Pestemal Navy Blue is a product that is as soft as cotton to multiply your pleasure after bath and SPA. It is produced in 85x165cm size and 100% cotton with traditional methods. It can also be used on beaches during the summer season...
₺ 175.00
Burumcuk Pestemal Red comes with its sweet color, 100% cotton fabric and high degree of water absorption. You can enjoy this product, which is produced with traditional methods, both in the bathroom and on the beaches. The size of this product is 85x165cm...
₺ 175.00
Cocoon Adult Poncho White is one of Barine Beach's Bestselling summer wear pieces. The users loved it so much that it was combined with shorts in their daily summer wear and moved to street style. It is produced as a standard size with 100% Cotton Cocoon weaving. Would you prefer to wear Cocoon Whit..
₺ 190.00
Daphne Kaftan is a stylish, noble and stylish piece to complement your beach style. This product, which will be among the women's summer wear products with its ecru color, 55% Cotton, 45% Viscose blended silky texture, will be a wonderful complement on swimsuits. The product is standard size...
₺ 125.00
Deep Double Face Pestemal Beige, nude color, 100% cotton soft feeling, is one of the products in the Barine beach collection. The front of the product is beige colored loincloth with white line pattern; the back side consists of a towel. The useful size of the product of 90x160cm increases your beac..
₺ 150.00
Deep Double Face Pestemal Navy expresses the inspiration coming from the sea to you with the navy color of the seas. Although the front of the product is in the form of a stylish loincloth, thanks to the 100% cotton towel on the back, the product can also be used as a beach towel. The size of the pr..
₺ 150.00
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